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In October 2013, the American Studies program, supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, launched Digital America, an online journal that focuses on digitization and digital culture with an eye toward American life. Students can become involved with Digital America and earn course credit.

Digital America features work by a range of students and Millennials that deserves a second life beyond the classroom. Essays, artwork, short films, and new media pieces live together in a dynamic space where users can engage with ideas and begin to build a comprehensive view of digital culture through the eyes of the next generation. Digital America also features weekly opinion columns and classroom process pieces from faculty that open the door to innovative projects and assignments.

Digital America is driven by a dedicated group of interns that bring together two diverse and pioneering local institutions: the University of Richmond and Virginia Commonwealth University. Working together, students develop the creative direction of the journal, edit submissions, work with faculty to present ongoing course collaborations, and even participate in the process of content creation. 

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Check out our latest issue and become a part of the conversation.

Submit your work and experience the thrill of seeing your ideas featured in an intellectually vibrant space.

Intern or volunteer and get hands on experience developing a completely new and novel academic site that celebrates experimentation. Interested students can intern for Digital America for course credit.

Digital Media Internship
AMST 388-01
Students enrolled in this .5 unit course will intern as writers, editors, curators, and marketers of the online digital journal Digital America.

To learn more, contact Dr. Meghan Rosatelli.

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