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Spring 2022 Courses 


AMST 201: Introduction to American Studies (Maurantonio)
TR 3:00-4:15

What does it mean to be American? This course addresses this central question through an examination of U.S. culture and society and introduces key concepts such as citizenship, identity, nationalism, and race. AMST 201 qualifies for Field of Study-Historical Studies (FSHT) credit.


AMST 381:  SEM: Richmond: City of the Dead (Winiarski)
W 12:00-1:15;
F 12:00-2:40

This community-based learning seminar explores attitudes toward death in early America as expressed through material culture: gravestones, landscape architecture, monuments, and mourning art. Seminar participants will collaborate with students at VCU and conduct fieldwork at various cemeteries and Civil War sites in and around Richmond, including Hollywood Cemetery, one of the finest examples of the rural cemetery movement in the United States. Assignments emphasize the strategic use of new technologies to convey historical research to a broad public audience.


AMST 398: ST: Data and Society (Tilton)
MW 1:30-2:45

Explores how topics such as algorithmic decision making, media manipulation, and "big" data effect our daily lives in the past and present.


AMST 398: ST: Digital Humanities Workshop (Tilton)
M 4:30-7:15pm

Brings together computational methods with humanities questions. Explores the possibilities and limits of methods such as data visualization, network analysis, and text analysis for analyzing humanities data and modes of communication for scholarly arguments. Asks questions about computation, data, and digital methods.