An American Studies major allows you to tailor your course of study to your passions, leveraging multiple disciplines and engaged projects to get the most out of your undergraduate education and prepare you for whatever comes next. American Studies majors pursue diverse career paths, including education, law, journalism, government, communications, finance, and entrepreneurial ventures.

Prepared for Anything

Forget about scrolling through a list of careers American Studies majors pursue. There are no rules. If you choose a major you’re passionate about, you are much more likely to discover and develop the tools that will ultimately help you find a rewarding profession.

Skills You Will Gain as an American Studies Major

  • Express ideas through multiple media
  • Actively and thoughtfully engage with American culture
  • Effectively communicate through lines of difference
  • Analyze complex problems with no clear answers
  • Contribute effectively to a team
  • Make connections across fields of knowledge
  • Write effectively for a variety of audiences
  • Translate theory into practice

Get Out There

Remember, it’s never too early to visit Career Services. Exploring how your skills, experiences, interests and values can influence your career choices is something you can do from your first year at Richmond through your fourth and beyond. Whether you are searching for that first job, exploring graduate school options, or considering something unique like a bridge experience or fellowship, Career Services can help you get there.